About Us

At the Spinal Health & Rehab Center, we pride ourselves on not being a typical office. You are greeted with an energetic and friendly atmosphere the minute you walk in. That energy and enthusiasm is carried through from your reception to your visit with the doctor. Sitting in the waiting room at the Spinal Health & Rehab Center, you are bound to hear laughter and see smiles.

"It's a different kind of doctor's office because we are focused on keeping people healthy. We also don't keep people waiting long, and that in itself makes most patients happy" states Dr. Casalino, our clinic director and founder. Our preferred treatment and extended consult hours ensure that waiting time is kept to a minimum and patients never feel rushed.

We have been helping people in our community since 1989. Our staff is highly trained, and providing you with the best possible care is our #1 concern.

Spinal Health & Rehab Center is a well-rounded practice - our patients range from newborns to the elderly. We treat conditions as varied as arthritis to allergies, back pain to bed wetting, chronic headaches to constipation. Whatever the condition, the goal is still the same. We want to help each and every patient to reach their health potential and keep them there.

Dr. Joseph M. Casalino, IV - Clinic Director
Dr. Matthew P. Carrera - Treating Doctor
Dr. Brian E. Sullivan - Treating Doctor
Dr. Gary Curran - Treating Doctor, consultant
Sage DeWolf - Office Manager
Mary Anne Beck - Front Desk
Megan Freitas - Front Desk/Insurance
Carol Dussault - Front Desk
Marissa Moniz - Front Desk